Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Review: Jinx' Fire (Jinx series #3)

Jinx’s Fire Sage Blackwood, Katherine Tegan Books, New York, 2015.
This is the final and best installment of the Jinx series.  Jinx is a young wizard, although a very powerful wizard because he can draw on the power of the forest, the warmth of the forest.  However, something is blocking the forest.  He can feel it less and less.  His master, who was taken prisoner by the evil Bonemaster is being used as a plug to stop the flow of the warmth.  How could the rescue the master without killing him.  At the same time there are three armies marching on the forest, and they are intent on each having a portion of the forest for themselves, using whatever cunning and force they need. 

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