Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Movie Review: Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

This is a classic romance, and refers in several instances to another classic romance, "An Affair to Remember."  In this movie, Sam Baldwin has lost his wife to an illness.  His son Jonah (Ross Malinger), several months later is worried about him, and calls a late night talk show therapist.  He then puts his dad on the line, who goes ahead and describes his relationship with his wife.  At this point, every woman listening has fallen in love with him, and it leads to a letter campaign.  In the meantime, Annie Reed (Meg Ryan), a reporter also heard the broadcast live.  She doubts her own engagement to Walter (Bill Pullman).  She decides to pursue the story, as there is so much interest.  She even flies to Seattle from Baltimore, and sees him from afar.  He sees her as well, but they don't meet.  Of all the letter sent to them from around the country, Jonah picks Annie.  He makes arrangements for them to meet on the Empire State Building on Valentines.  However Sam refuses to go.  Jonah's friend helps him purchase a plane ticket, and he goes on his own.  So Sam follows, and fate is fate.
Good love story, but it does seem a bit far fetched.  But love always wins out in the end.  Even the fiance is OK with things.  Go figure.

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