Sunday, August 7, 2016

Music Review: Viva la Musica

With this musical review I have ventured someplace I have never gone before, Spanish Children's songs.  There was a song about the snails wanting to dance well, but they couldn't because they were just too slow.  There was also a number sone, one-to ten, or better uno a diez.  The C.D. ends with I like to sing and write songs.  This C.D. is presented by Kitzi and Gabriela (Kitzia Weiss and Gabriela Huesca).  It was produced in Mexico.
As for my opinion of the music, the songs are nice.  There are a couple of places where they just were too silly.  I don't think even children like silliness when it is excessive.  However for the most part it was fun to listen to.  There was some very good instrumental back-up.

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