Monday, August 8, 2016

Movie Review: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

This is a classic Steven Spielberg movie.  Much is done in this movie with light, the light through the grate of the ramp when E.T. is left behind, the light of the flashlights and the light of E.T. and Elliott on the bicycle in front of the moon.  The E.T. is abandoned, and takes up with Elliott (Henry Thomas), as his family lives on the edge of the city.  Elliott sees something in the shed, but no one believes him.  However several days later, he entices E.T. back to their house by using Reese's Pieces (they are good).  He introduces E.T. to his sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and brother, Michael (Robert MacNaughton).  They keep it a secret from their mother (Dee Wallace), knowing that it won't go well for E.T. if people find him.  The introduction of the scientist is a bit overdrawn with them showing up in astronaut uniforms.  This is called over milking something.  However the rest of the movie is terrific.  Peter Coyote plays the sympathetic scientist who has been looking for extra-terrestrial contact since he was a boy.  The movie is most noted for "E.T. phone home."  E.T. is played by a puppet, with and extendable neck.  There is some incredible stuff happening in this movie, and the story is well done.  I enjoy the flying scenes, where E.T. uses some type of power to lift them up off the ground.  E.T. has a special power to heal.  There is a clever scene where he tries to heal the wound form the pretend knife Halloween costume.  His heart also glows, which lead to a song by Neil Diamond.

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