Friday, April 29, 2016

Book Review: A New Darkness: Joseph Delaney (Characters from the Last Apprentice)

In this book, Joseph Delaney starts a new trilogy after the thirteen book The Last Apprentice series.  I guess this is a new series as Tom Ward is no longer an apprentice.  With the death of the Spook, John Gregory, Tom Ward is now the spook at the age of 17.  His training was not quite complete, but it has to have been sufficient.  He wants to just do Spook's business, protect the county form the dark, but there is a menace which is coming much too quickly.  A Haizda Mage is in the county, and killing young women by drinking their blood.  How can Tom confront this new threat?
I don't want to give away the ending, but I don't like the way this story ends as it left me missing some of the characters.  Also the library does not have the next book yet so I am at a loss groping around for something to read.  I have felt it keenly since finishing this story.  I must admit, this story had me wanting to read on as quickly as possible to see what happens next.

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