Monday, May 4, 2015

Music Review: Sammy Davis Jr. Greatest Hits

This is a group of songs recorded live by Sammy Davis Jr.  The album is dated 1995, which is five years after Davis passed away.
I wanted to get this CD for the "Bojangles" song.  This is a classic and I really needed it.  I heard Sammy Davis talk about this song in an interview one time.  Bill "Bojangles" Robinson broke racial barriers to become the most successful African American entertainer of his time.  He started in vaudeville, but is best known for his dancing routines with Shirley Temple.  Sammy Davis Jr. claimed his as a mentor.  He broke many barriers in entertainment.
This song delivered, but there are also some other fun songs in this set.  "I've Got to be Me" and "Candy man" deliver some enjoyable listening.  As does the Dr. Doolittle song, "Talk to the Animals."  Perhaps one of the most fun is "Rock A Bye Your Baby (With a Dixie Melody)"  In this song Davis sings the song in many of his classic voices from Marlon Brando to Cagney Lacy.  It was pretty fun.  However one song he tried something similar, "Life is a Woman" in which he tried to show how to sing the song when you don't remember the words.  It didn't work.

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