Saturday, May 23, 2015

Book Review: Jinx's Magic, Sage Blackwood

Jinx's Magic, Sage Blackwood, Katherine Tegen Books, 2014.

This is the second in this series, and presents the continuing story with Jinx having to learn magic on his own because Simon the wizard has gone off to face the bad wizard.  This is a very good book,  and Jinx has to learn magic without letting anyone know he is learning magic because learning magic is a crime.  However, people are very magical, if he could just discover the key.  Jinx who is the apprentice is growing up fast, and he finds his magic is special because it comes from the forest.  However, he also learns of another magical form KNIP.  This is magic from the city In this book things go from bad to worse.  Jinx does learn magic, but in the meantime the wizard is entrapped by the evil wizard, who wants to rule the world.  The forest begins to retreat, and two or three kingdoms are set to invade the forest and the people who live there to exploit the resource in the trees.  However, to Jinx the trees are alive.  He needs to find away to bring the people of the Urwald together.  These people have always been independent, and never considered themselves a nation.

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