Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Music Review: John Denver, The Wildlife Concert

The Wildlife Concert
This is a very good concert.  This was a 1995 special just a couple years for Denver's death.  It has many of his traditional favorites, and many songs dealing with the environment and wildlife.  It was a very fun concert.  It has "Country Roads," "Back Home Again," "Rocky Mountain High,"  "Shanghai Breezes," "Annie's Song," "Calypso," "Leaving on a Jet Plan" and "Goodbye Again."  John Denver surprises with a Blues song and a rock and roll song.  There are a couple of songs with focus on Denver's mortality.  "Poems Prayers and Promises" explores mortality, and having friends.  "Falling out of Love" focuses on relationships, particularly when they end.
This is a great musical collection.  There is different percussion, flute, saxophone, sting quartet, keyboard and guitar.  Denver plays some songs almost solo and others have the full complement.
Denver also talks a lot about his causes and beliefs, particularly with regards to  caring for the planet and animals.

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