Sunday, April 12, 2015

Music Review: Greatest Hits 1972

There is lots to love about this album.  I love Fogelberg's voice, and his guitar.  In this album he puts his best.  I have always loved "Hard to Say" and its comments on love and marriage.  It seems many of his song have this theme

"Sometimes it isn't easy and it isn't clear, who's to navigate and who's to steer, and so we flounder drifting ever near the rocks."  That is poetry at its best.  
However there is more.  "Leader of the band" is very nice.  I love "Missing You."  It is a bit more upbeat.  "Make Love Stay" carries the theme from "Hard to Stay" and does an excellent job.  He poses the question, but never really gives an answer.  I guess asking the question is part of the battle.  "Now that we loveNow that the lonely nights are over  How do we make love stay?
This is a fun album.  I purchased at Streetlight in San Jose.

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