Thursday, April 2, 2015

Book Review: The Forbidden Library

The Forbidden Library by: Django Wexler, Kathy Dawson Books, New York, 2014.
Alice is a girl whose life is turned upside down.  It starts when her father is confronted by a fairy, and she happens to see them talking in the kitchen.  Father suddenly leaves for a trip, and is reported lost at sea when his steamer sinks.  She is sent to live with a long lost relative.  This relative claims to be her great-great-great-great grandfather.  He has been watching her grow up, and takes an interest in her for her abilities as a reader.  She becomes his apprentice. 
This book centers around an unusual library, where books are used not for reading, but for entrapping dangerous creatures.  Only a reader can read the text and enter the books.  Otherwise the letters just give you a headache.  Alice discovers she is a reader, and she is required to face a swarm of dangerous mystical creatures; then a tree nymph; and finally a dragon.  This books goes through some exciting adventures.  Behind it all is Alice’s desire to know what really happened to her father.

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