Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Review: ***^Henry and Beezus by: Beverly Cleary

Henry and Beezus
This is an interesting tale about the relationship between Henry and his neighbor, Beezus (short for Beatrice); but more about Henry’s struggle to get a bike.  His parents cannot afford to buy him a new bike, so he is determined to earn money to buy one for himself.  However money earning takes forever and is slow, and bikes are expensive.  Ramona, Beezus’ is in this book as well.  She has quite the imagination, but is also a bit spoiled which can affect those around her.  A neighbor boy, more of a rival than a friend, Scooter, has a new bike and he brags about and makes a big deal.  Henry, who is still on foot responds by telling Scooter he will get his own bike.  Now he is set up to having to prove himself.
I like the character Cleary has developed.  They seem real.  Her goal in writing was to show real people.

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