Sunday, May 14, 2017

Movie review: ****Sully (2016)

This is an excellent movie, which leaves you feeling good int he end.  Sometimes, heroes are hard to define and understand.  This movie shows us a hero.  Chelsey Sullenberg (Tom Hanks) is the pilot of the plane which landed in the Hudson River, with all passengers being accounted for.  Jeff Skiles (Aaron Eckhart) plays the first mate.  This movie shows the scrutiny they were put through by the National Transportation Safety Board.  It was looking like Captain Sullenberg was being condemned because he landed in the river.  However, by the end he was proclaimed a true hero, and the difference in this case.  They ask the first made if he would have done anything differently.  His response, I would have done it in July (rather than January when the incident did take place.)
Tis is a great feel good movie; because that is how I felt at the end.

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