Sunday, May 21, 2017

Movie Review: ****Mrs Miniver (1942)

This is an excellent WWII film.  It shows the Battle of Britain, from the view point of a community which is close to and airstrip, and consequently subject to fighting over head and bombing.  Mrs. Miniver (Greer Carson) is the matriarch of a British family.  Their oldest (Richard Vey) son joins the Royal Air Force and flies a fighter.  The film depicts his brief romance and marriage to Carol Beldon (Teresa Wright).  Mr Miniver (Walter Pidgeon) takes part in the boat rescue of the men from Dunkirk.   When he returns he is proud of himself, while he figures his wife has had it easy.  however for her part, she was able to capture a German pilot who had parachuted from a plane.  the interaction between Mrs. Miniver and the pilot is very telling.  The germans had lots of pride in their Luftwaffe.
William Wyler directed this film.  It was his effort to bolster the war effort and to show the results of the war to the American public, by portraying a family hunkered down against the air attack.  Six Oscars including for best picture, best director, best actress and best supporting actress.

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