Monday, April 3, 2017

Book Review: The Wide Window: A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book the Third

The Wide Window: A Series of Unfortunate Events: Book the Third, by Lemony Snicket, illustrations by Brett Helquist, Scholastic Inc, New York, 2000.
This is the continuing sage of the Baudelaire children and their nemesis Count Olaf.  In this story, the children are placed with a well meaning guardian, but who is so overwhelmed by her own fears she is unable to provide a good home.  They always eat cold food because she is afraid of the stove.  She is also afraid of the phone and just about everything else.  This is since her husband was eaten by leaches which live in the lake lake next to their home.  In the end, she runs away and hides, leaving everyone thinking she had committed suicide.  They important lesson the children are learning is that as a team they are pretty formidable.  However they each have their own part to play, even Sunny the baby.  Violet figures things out, Klaus knows about books, and maps, and Sunny is good as just doing what needs to be done.  The banker continues to be a fool, and often makes decisions which are harmful to the children.  And the Count keeps coming back, this time as a sea Captain.
I am still having fun with this series of books.
I have been looking more closely at the illustrations in light of the illustrator being a graduate of BYU.  The front cover has a color picture and the rest is sketches.  However I am intrigued how with lines, a person can make ruffled clothing, or waves of an angry ocean.  very well done.

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