Saturday, November 19, 2016

Movie Review: ****Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)

Here is another fantastic view of the Harry Potter world.  In this film we are introduced to Harry Potters ability to speak to a snake.  As a result, Harry wonders if he should have been in Slythirin House.  It also makes him a prime suspect when the Chamber of Secrets is opened; and children start disappearing.  The good thing about this is they are only frozen and not killed, because they see the Basilisk (giant snake) directly it would kill them, but reflected it only freezes them.  Even Hermione meets this fate.  We are also introduced to Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) in this episode, ton's younger sister, who is used by Draco's father to introduce the journal of Lord Voldemort.  When people start getting frozen, Hagrid is accused, because of his relationship with a giant spider, who in the end is not the cause.  Harry travels t the spider's lair to learn more, and barely escapes in a mystical car.
This film resolves when Harry confronts the beast in the Chamber.  When he is about to be killed, the Phoenix and the hat bring to Harry's aid the sword of Gryfindor.  Harry destroys the evil journal with a tooth from the Basilisk.
This movie also introduces us to house elves.  Doby shows up at Harry Potter's home, and does all he can to prevent Harry Potter from returning to school.  He is the house elf of the Draco family and knows of the plot to open the Chamber of Secrets.  Hermione takes it as her quest to free the house elves.

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