Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TV Review: Alfred Hitchcock Presents

I have been enjoying the Alfred Hitchcock presents, first season on Netflix.  There are some very interesting stories, and an introduction to many actors in their early years.  There are spy movies, murder movies, strange things and some things not so strange.  There is revenge, against the wrong person.  Christmas is really good where a parolee is hired to be Santa Clause.  We see a new version of Anne Borden, where it says the younger sister committed the murder, and Anne took the blame.  There is much to enjoy here.  There are 39 episodes, all 24 minutes with a one minute introduction by Alfred Hitchcock.  Great fun, just for the entertainment value without having to think too much.  I can't get Tony too interested, but coming from the 1950s era you don't have to worry about language, or bad morals.  They do show macabre things from time to time.

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