Saturday, May 14, 2016

Book Review: Library of Souls: The Third Novel of Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs, Quirk Books, Philadelphia, 2015.
This is the third and final installment of this series of books illustrated with old and unusual photographs.  At the end of the last book, Addison the talking bull dog had saved Emma and Jacob from the Blights.  Jacob had discovered he could talk to Hollowghasts, which ability saved his life.  However this ability is new, and not reliable.  A Hollowghast has attached to Jacob, and follows him around.  The three are on a quest to save their Ymbrynes, women who are master peculiars and and can turn into birds, from the blights who have taken them prisoner.  They follow them, and in so doing find a loop of imprisoned peculiars.  But the Blight stronghold is well protected.  They also learn more of the conflict between blights and Ymbrynes, and we meet the brothers of Miss Peregrine, who are responsible for the troubles of the peculiars, in their quest to find the Library of Souls, and in harvesting people's souls which leaves the people benumbed, and is addicting to other peculiars.  Caul is the brother who is pure evil, and the leader of the blights.  He wants to capture Jacob, whose special powers will allow him to see the souls so he can make himself all powerful and become the ruler of the world.  Bentham, the second brother is torn.  At times he is helping Jaco, and at times he is helping his brother Caul.
I really enjoyed these characters.  It is also interesting how the most feared enemy of the peculiars becomes their ally.  However everyone's abilities are needed in the end, even those of the smallest Peculiar Olive, who has enough strength the help them float away when a loop is imploding.
This world of Peculiars, Blight, Ymbrynes and Hollowghasts is confusing.  Of course there are normals in the mix as well, but the story is interesting and the characters engaging.  This provides a very good read.

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