Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Music Review: The Secret Garden; A Musical: Original London Cast Recording

The Secret Garden; A Musical book and lyrics by Marsha Norman, music by Lucy Simon, Original London Cast recording, royal Shakespeare Company, 2001.  the music is presented superbly in this recording.  It is interesting that the order of songs is not the same as the American version of the musical.  Also some of the story of the musical is different than the book, changing the family relationship to two sisters rather than a  brother and sister, and also focusing more on the turmoil of the adults, particularly Archibald Craven dealing with the death of his wife, and his brother, Neville Craven, becoming overbearing as Archibald's son's health care.  The secret garden, in some magical way cures the son, and thereby restores the father to his son.  It is Mary who opens the garden and begins this path.  I really like the version here of "Hold On."  It is a special song.  However there are other good songs, including the discussion Archibald has with his wife, when he decides to return home.  The music here is better than the musical version I shared.  

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