Saturday, February 27, 2016

Movie Review: Three Coins in a Fountain (1954)

Her we not only have a romantic movie, but a romantic movie x three.  The introductory song implies that only one romance will be successful.  That only one coin will be selected and rewarded as three woman make a wish at the fountain.  We have two women working for a company, with very strict guidelines for relations between American employees and local employees.  Two women are working for this American company in Rome.  A third woman works for an American author, who is living in Rome for some time.  They all establish relationship, the first with a local coworker (the against the rules relationship.)  The coworker gets fired, and there goes his chances to be a lawyer.  The new woman, falls for a rich local.  She studies his life, to know what to like and say to win him.  And the third, our secretary has been in love with the author for many years, he just doesn't realize he loves her as well.  All these relationships are doomed in their way.  The first because of the rules, the second when she confesses what she has been doing, and the third when the author finds he does not have long to live, but there is small hope with medical procedures in the United States.  So which of the relationships will be rescued?
I enjoyed the characters, and the story line.  After listening to the song I didn't expect the ending.  This movie stars: Clifton Webb as the author John Shadwell, Dorothy McGuire as the secretary, Jean Peters as the new employee, Louis Jourdan as the rich local Prince Dino di Cessi, Maggie McNamara as the employee returning home and Rossano Brazzi as the local.

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