Monday, March 9, 2015

Movie Review: ****^Big Hero 6

This movie comes to us from Disney and won the Oscar for best animated feature of 2014.  This Disney feature does not have singing, but has action.  A cast of misfits from what is affectionally known has nerd school end up as super heroes based on their using what ever technology they had been developing for superpowers.  They go up against an evil nemesis who has stolen the nano bots developed by Hiro.  The nano bots work together and are controlled by a central mask or control.
This movie has several plot shifts and unexpected surprises.  We watched it while we had family here this weekend, and even the little babies were fascinated with the Big white hero.  Oh, 5 people heroes and one big robot hero who turns out more human than us all, based on his programming to do everything in his power to help others heal.
This movie was a pleasant surprise for me, but it had already grossed $600 million before I watched it.

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