Sunday, September 4, 2016

Movie Review: The Jungle Book (Disney, 1967)

Disney presented the Jungle Book in 1967 as an animated presentation.  The took many of the Rubyard Kipling stories and wove them into a movie where Bagheera, the Panther is taking Mowgli, the man cub back to his own kind.  He protests, and runs into Baloo the bear and the run off to have adventures, but are caught by the  ape king.
This presentation includes the voice talents of Phil Harris as Baloo (very well done), Sebastian Cabot as Bagheera (his goody type of voice become grating after a while, Sterling Halloway as the snake Kaa (he almost even hypnotizes the audience). Louis Prima as the ape King Louie, and George Sanders and Shere Khan the tiger.  The ending is different than the remake, and I think I prefer the original.

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