Saturday, January 24, 2015

Movie Review: The Reivers (1969)

This is a Steve McQueen movie based on the novel by William Faulkner.  This is a coming out story and an older Lucius (Mitch Vogel) narrates the story of his experiences on a high-on-the-road trip to Memphis with a stolen or borrowed vehicle.  Boon (McQueen) is set on seeing a girl, Corrie (Sharon Farrel) who happens to be a prostitute.  Lucius fights for her honor, and is cut by a knife.  Boon, in the end decides to marry her, as she wants to escape her current life.  The third member of the party is Ned (Rupert Crosse) who also runs a horse, which Lucius rides in an important race and bet.  The Boss (Will Geer) owns the car, and is Lucius' grandfather.  SO even though the win the race, Lucius still has to come to terms with his grandfather and with his guilt over lying and running off.  This film is about family relationships, and trust, and growing up; which is sometimes painful.

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