Sunday, December 7, 2014

Book Review: Jinx

Jinx by: Sage Blackwood, Harper Collins, New York, 2013
This is a new fantasy series, Which I am really enjoying.  Jinx lives in the Urwald, a forest with a few clearings where people live.  Life expectancy must be very short in this area because the forest is very dangerous.  In fact Jinx is being taken by his step father to be left in the forest (sort of like Hansel and Gretl) but things turn out different because Jinx meets a wizard, Simon.  In the forest are many creatures, such as werewolves, werebears, werechipmunks and trolls.  All of these lead to some precarious situations, unless you stay on the trail where there is a truce of sorts. 
There are also witches, who just might like to eat children.
There is an evil wizard as well, the Bonemaster, who uses people's bones to build things and traps people's souls so he can draw on their power. 
And then there are the trees.  Jinx is the only one who can hear the trees.  He is a listener.

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