Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Movie Review: ***^ Heaven Is For Real (2014)

Heaven Is For Real (2014)
This movie poses the question, how do you react if you child should visit heaven, and comes back knowing things he couldn’t have known.  That is the context of this movie.  Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear) is a preacher and the church is doing rather well.  However he has a bad back and kidney stones, and a broken leg.  He takes a break with his wife (Kelly Reilly) and while vacationing the kids come home sick.  Their son has his appendix rupture.  He barely makes it, and for a time there are real doubts.  He recovers in a miraculous fashion.  However, he talks of flying around and looking down on others.  He sees his mother on the phone, his father pleading with God, and expressing his anger.  He also meets people in heaven, his great Grandfather, his miscarried sister.  He also meets Jesus.
This movie is about this family, and in turn the congregation of the church coming to terms and accepting this story.  They finally conclude it is a message of love, as God loves us all.

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